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Welcome to this special fencing issue of BEEF Industry Express. Produced by Penton Media and the sales team at BEEF, the BEEF Fencing Guide is an annual directory of fencing products and the latest in fencing product introductions

Parmak has up-dated all of their 110-120 volt AC models. The Super Energizer 5 and Mark 8 are excellent for controlled grazing of livestock and predator control in medium to large pastures (30 to 50 mile range), featuring an all-new digital meter. Fieldmaster 3 is ideal for small to medium pastures (15 mile range).

For more information visit or call 1-800-662-1038.

Grandin Livestock Systems offers corral and facility design services based on cattle behavior principles established by Dr. Temple Grandin. An extensive collection of designs options and Dr. Grandin’s handling guidelines are located the on the company’s website along with best practice books and videos.

For more information visit or call (970) 229-0703.

Gripple is an all-in-one wire joiner and tensioner, eliminating the need for ratchet strainers and come-alongs. Gripple joins, repairs, and tensions wire fencing, and can be re-tensioned as needed. Also try the Gripple T-Clip, the revolutionary way to start or terminate a fence, and Gripple Anchoring Kits for end posts.

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The Pivotal Post from Pivotal Fencing Systems makes cross-fencing center pivots possible without building gates or lettingwires down to allow the sprinkler to pass through fences. See the Pivotal Post in action at and select the link “Watch the Pivotal Fencing System in Action.”

For more information visit or call 970-848-5500.

Powder River is the leader in livestock working equipment. Since 1938 we have been providing quality livestock working equipment including a full range of gates, panels, cattle guards, fencing, working systems and squeeze chutes. Nothing beats the durability and value of Powder River.

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Since 1889, American-made Red Brand has been standing guard protecting farms, ranches and valuable livestock. Industry leadingstrength and durability combine to stand up to harsh weather and heavy pressure. That’s why five generations of farmers and ranchers have depended on Red Brand for reliability and value. Rest easy knowing your herd is safe and secure.

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The revolutionary patented, pneumatic air-powered Man Saver Post Driver eliminates the back breaking job of hand driving posts. It’s an excellent, affordable alternative to bulky hydraulic or back breaking manual post drivers. This lightweight, portable post driver is ideal for ranches. Proud to be made in America.

For more information visit or call 800-980-7599.

New - Used - Surplus.
Fencing cables & fittings.
Springs - Pipe Caps - Turnbuckles - Chain Hardware - Tie Downs - Nylon & Wire rope Slings.

For more information visit or call 877-794-9799.

Tru-Test is your complete source for a full range of electric fence energizers and accessories. Trust our professional Speedrite or Stafix products, or our Patriot items, to provide the right product for your operation. We have the world’s largest energizer, the world's only universal energizers - the UNIGIZER™ (AC, DC & Solar - all-in-one unit), and so much more.

For more information visit or call 800-874-8494.

Our service is as great as our product. Combining service and over 250 years of experience, Twin Mountain offers fencing options to satisfy our customers. We specialize in providing a complete line of fencing materials and/or construction for Agricultural, Commercial, Residential, Electric and Game fence projects.

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This hydraulically driven bale unroller features a frame constructed of 4’x4’ square tubing with a tapered forged spear for easier penetration into bales weighing up to 2,000 pounds. Designed to fit Category II, or Category III 3-pt. hitches (Including quick hitches), this hay management tool requires a minimum of 8-10 gpm at 1500 psi to operate.

For more information visit or call 217-324-6973.