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The July 2 Angus Report

Join us from the American Angus Association as we bring you the week's top stories, including the Senate's Farm Bill, EPA's proposed dust standards, record U.S. beef exports, severe weather updates on your phone and a summertime problem that could take an $80-per-head bite out of your bottomline.

The Angus Report, July 2, 2012: CattleFax Update

CattleFax Market Analyst Lance Zimmerman discusses USDA pork cutouts, recent pork price increases and the ratio to beef cutouts.

Angus VNR: A New Look at Marbling Development

Brad Johnson, Texas Tech University, and his team are looking into all the ways marbling is made, so that cattlemen can make more of it.

The Angus Report, July 2, 2012: Practical Applications

Illinois Angus breeders and their families celebrate 50 years of the summer showring tradition at the Central Illinois Angus Preview Show.

The Angus Report, July 2, 2012: Around the Angus World

The American Angus Association hosts its annual Beef Leaders Institute, a leadership conference and tour that builds future leaders of the beef business. BLI is funded through the Angus Foundation and is open to young Angus cattlemen and women, 25-45 years old.

I Am Angus: Mike Thornton, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

In this "I Am Angus" segment, Mike Thornton, a decorated veteran and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, discusses the high price of freedom -- and why we owe those who serve in the military a great debt of gratitude. For more information, visit or

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