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Grassland Oregon introduces SucraSEED

new high sugar grass

Grassland Oregon recently introduced SucraSEED, a new line of high-sugar grass seed products designed to increase livestock growth and dairy milk yield while reducing environmental pollution. The new seed mixtures produce a progressive variety of forage grass that is already in wide use in Europe and New Zealand with profitable results. Now, SucraSEED is readily available and gaining momentum within the US farming and ranching markets.

Since its development 20 years ago by the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER), High Sugar Grass (HSG) has been shown to provide a number of benefits to dairy, beef and lamb producers. Multiple trial studies have demonstrated measurable increases in livestock performance, including increased live weight gains in lambs and beef cattle (up to 20%) and higher dry-matter intakes (up to 4.41 lbs/head per day) and increased milk yield in dairy cows (up to 6% more milk for the grazing season).

This increase in productivity is caused by very high levels of water-soluble carbohydrates (WSC) present in the specially bred grass. The sugars, by providing extra energy to microbes in the animal’s rumen, allow the animals to digest more of the protein that they take in. As a result, more grass protein is converted to milk and meat, and less is excreted as unused nitrogen into the land.

The decrease in waste nitrogen is a significant environmental benefit. HSG studies in Europe and New Zealand, for example, reported a reduction in nitrogen pollution of as much as 24%.

Grassland Oregon’s SucraSEED product line includes mixtures specially formulated for specific livestock: Beef Bank (for cattle) Cash Cow (for dairy) and Great Gains (for sheep and goats). For complete information about Grassland Oregon and SucraSEED, please visit: