11 Questions I’ve Never Had An Answer For

11 Questions I’ve Never Had An Answer For

1. Why does one of our best heifers always start calving just as it’s time to leave for one of the kids’ sporting events?

2. Why will we not have a single calf when it is 65° and sunny, but dozens come when the temperature goes negative and the snow starts blowing?

3. How come every time I get out of my truck with my good boots on, I will step in a big ol’ pile of ……….?

4. Why does that horse spook at a tire feeder it’s walked by for three weeks without ever giving it a second look?

5. Why is it so hard to treat those you love with the courtesy you would show any stranger?

6. Why does a hard estimate mean it will take four times longer and cost at least twice as much?

7. Why do I always end up trying to fix a flat, thaw out a water line, or change a hydraulic hose when I have my church clothes on?

8. Why is it that the “good” ones are the ones that turn out to be wild, die or fail their bull soundness exam?

9. What would the world be like if everyone felt the same way and saw the same potential in others that we do in our own kids?

10. If I had a great bull, great horse, great dog, great woman, great faith, and a great ranch all at the same time, would I still find something to complain about?

11. And for added measure, how is it that the IRS considers me to be wealthy, my family middle class at best, and my banker a pauper?

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