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2014 Cattle Industry Convention: Best Tweets, Photos & More

2014 Cattle Industry Convention: Best Tweets, Photos & More

While I wasn’t able to make it to the 2014 Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville, TN, I’ve still been able to follow all of the action on the BEEF magazine Facebook and Twitter pages. BEEF Senior Associate Editor Jamie Purfeerst has been busy tweeting, photos photos and uploading new information on Facebook as the convention has unfolded to keep all of us back home posted about the ins and outs of this annual event.

Yesterday, I felt like I was sitting next to the 8,000 cattle men and women who have come together for the big event. If you’re on social media, you can continue to watch updates as they unfold. If not, I’ve rounded up some of the best social media updates for you to look through this morning.

See This Photo Gallery: Cattlemen Meet In Tennessee For The 2014 Cattle Industry Convention 

Here is a round-up of 10 interesting tweets from around the convention:

1. @Jamielmay Microwaveable beef? Never say never! Our #BEEFmeet sample was pretty darn good. #cic14

2. @REAL_BEEFMAN The #PetersonFarmBros perform their hit parody Chore at the opening general session of #beefmeet w/ @gregpeterson33

3. @sierra_jepson Lessons from Captain Phillips: when you are in a tough situation, it’s best to pray for strength and patience rather than rescue. #beefmeet

4. @karajo26 At retail meat case, most consumers don’t look at $/lb., they look at total $/package. Good #beef merchandising matters. #beefmeet

5. @erica_davis8 We need to be #BeefCommanders and show consumers that we care. Best statement I’ve heard. #beefmeet

6. @TierraMay “If you love what you’re doing, there’s no work involved.” - Rooter Brite #CIC14 #beefmeet

7. @BEEFMagazine U.S. ag trade was $29 billion in 1978. In 2012, it was $136 billion.” - Roger Bernard #globaloutlook #beefmeet #CIC14

8. @jeffmillertu Bottom sirloin will offer many options for consumers in the future. Smaller servings with flavor TriTip, BallTip, sirloin & Clap #beefmeet

9. @AthleticFoodie Nutrition, supply, #sustainability are big issues here in Nashville. #beefmeet U.S. ranchers chewing on the issues.

10. @rachelendecott You don’t have to treat your kids equally, but you have to treat them fairly. Estate planning advice from Jim Hagenbarth, MT Rancher #beefmeet

Of course, these tweets are only tidbits of the entire conversation, but by following the #beefmeet or #cic14 hashtags, you can get more information on what the speakers are talking about. Isn’t social media awesome?

Keep checking back to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates. And if you have felfies from home or the convention, send them to me at I will continue to add to our felfie gallery.


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Finally, I want to extend my deepest condolences and prayers to the family of Glenn and Elaine Mull, Amy Harter, and Samantha Harter, who passed away in a tragic plane crash on their way to the 2014 Cattle Industry Convention. The family is a prominent beef industry family from Kansas. You can read about the tragedy here.

As I understand it, the family was given a lovely tribute last night at the convention. It’s so great to be a part of an industry that rallies around its own. God bless the Mull family during this tragic time, and be sure to keep them in your prayers.

Are you at the convention? What’s your favorite feature so far? What are you looking forward to most in the next couple of days?


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