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5 Ways Felfies Are Gaining Momentum; PLUS: 80+ Felfie Photos

5 Ways Felfies Are Gaining Momentum; PLUS: 80+ Felfie Photos

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard of the new "felfie" trend that is taking social media by storm. As those in the social media world have become more obsessed with taking "selfies," or pictures of themselves, throughout their daily routine, farmers and ranchers have followed suit. I may be biased, by I find the “felfie” (farmer selfie) much more interesting than just a selfie of a girl having a good hair day and making a duck face with her lips. Felfies range from hilarious to serious, and they showcase the hard work agriculturalists do to put food on the table.

The felfie trend started in Europe, and now you can see a compilation of felfies from around the world at


VIEW NOW: BEEF Daily's Farmer Selfie Gallery Featuring 80+ Felfies


The trend is generating a lot of talk these days. Just take a look at what some of these blogs and publications have to say about the new trend:

1. “#Felfie: Farmers Posting Selfies Are The Cream Of The Crop On Social Media” by Nadine DeNinno for International Business Times

2. “The Felfie: How Farmers Are Embracing Social Media” from The Guardian

3. “What Is A #Felfie? Farmers Take Over Social Media With New Trend” for

4. "Move Over Selfies; #Felfies Are The Hottest Trend On The Farm” by Laura Vitto for

5. “The Newest Selfie Trend Is #Felfies And They’re Probably Not What You Think” by Kate Knibbs for TIME magazine.

Last week, I called for readers to send in their best felfies for a gallery I was putting together, and did they ever respond. I hope you’ll take a minute to look through the 80+ images I received from readers across the country, and even from Canada and Brazil. If you want to submit your own, simply email me at

If you’re on social media, I hope to see your felfies! Let’s keep this growing trend hot and see how big we can take it! What do you think of the felfie trend? Is it a flash in the pan, or does it have some real power to help educate the public about agriculture?



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