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78% Fear Negative Impacts From Increased Regulations in Agriculture

img_1966.JPG Last week, we posted a new poll question asking producers what they thought about government intervention and increased regulations in the agriculture sector. One reader responded to this discussion this way: "All the beef producers we know are very, very encouraged by the Ag and Justice Departments’ preliminary action to either enforce or update GIPSA. The lack of competition in the meatpacking business has hurt producers badly, and in many, many ways. There no longer is any counterbalancing force to the power and money of the packer consortium. We need competition, and sometimes it takes government action to prevent monopolies and oligopolies. Let’s hope we can restore competition in the meat packing industry. If we don’t, we’ll go the way of the poultry business and hog business."

I mention this reader's positive comments because our poll shows that many of you may have an opposing view on this subject. With more than 520 votes already in, 78% of responders think the USDA/DOJ hearings mean something negative for the U.S. beef industry.

Here’s the poll question: The Department of Justice and USDA are conducting joint workshops to discuss competition and regulatory issues in the ag industry. In your opinion, will the final result be: 1) Positive for the U.S. beef industry. 2) Negative for the U.S. beef industry. 3) Don’t know.

Head to the BEEF website at and vote today. Then, share your reasoning in the comments section of today’s blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this subject.