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BEEF's NAIS Poll Stirring Up Opinions

e-id-closeup.JPG In case you have missed it, BEEF is currently hosting a poll on the homepage asking the question, “Should USDA’s National Animal Identification System (as currently proposed) be mandatory, voluntary or scrapped?” With 29,634 votes, at last count, the poll indicates an overwhelming 75% vote for scrapping the proposed plan. However, these polling results don’t necessarily mesh with our regular BEEF readers. Past surveys of BEEF readership have pretty consistently shown that proponents and opponents are 50-50 on this program.

jeff-and-baldy.JPG It has come to my attention that a very motivated sector of the anti-NAIS movement has been encouraging members to vote in this poll in favor of scrapping the proposal. Many of these organizations come from outside our regular beef industry readership. While I’m thrilled that so many individuals want to participate in this online dialogue about NAIS, I sincerely hope that this poll represents the views and opinions of the dedicated BEEF readership.

I encourage everyone on the BEEF Daily mailing list to head on over to the poll and vote. And, while we’re at it, why don’t we discuss the pros and cons of this program in the comments section of this blog post? I would love to hear your thoughts in this open dialogue where all opinions matter. Thanks for your participation. I look forward to an honest debate about an important issue.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: To learn more about the current voluntary animal identification program, as well as how to register your premises, see USDA NAIS today.

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