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Billboards Aim To Share Agriculture Story

miwhylovebuteatbillboard.jpg It looks like agriculture could learn a thing or two from the animal rights groupies about the importance of a well-placed billboard. This provocative billboard was strategically positioned just outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota by a political organization called Mercy for Animals (MFA). Not to be outdone, California farmers and ranchers have designed and posted a few billboards that share the real story of animal agriculture and food production.

The Butte County Cattlemen's Association placed their billboards on heavily traveled highways on beautiful ranches located along the interstate leading into Chico, CA, where nearly 15,000 students from Los Angeles and San Diego attend Chico State University (CSU).

The local producer group hopes the messages in the billboard resonate with urban voters. These messages encourage travelers to enjoy the untamed scenery and wide open spaces, preserved by the American tradition of cattle ranching. The billboards remind consumers that ranchers are the original environmentalists, having had taken care of the land for hundreds of years. This is a fantastic effort made by a local group and would be one easily duplicated along highways and interstates across the country. Gather your volunteers, round up some money and follow suit. Cheers to a fantastic promotion!



Another outfit, the National Animal Interest Alliance, has also found great success in billboard campaigns. Their signs are aimed at awakening the public to the animal rights threat against their pets. The billboards contain a URL that drives traffic to a website that has information about the radical animal agenda. The website is called, Beware Animal Radicals. Check it out!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: A recent survey of America's young farmers and ranchers revealed that 97.2% planned to farm and ranch for life. And, 90% said they would like their children to follow in their footsteps. (Source: North Carolina State University)