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Cheers to Miss America, A Past 4-H Member

miss_america_2009_katie_stam_of_indiana_winner_0_0_0×0_400×506.jpgI think the Miss America pageant has found a real gem with their 2009 crowned winner, Miss Katie Stam. As a past 4-H member, Katie gives credit to this youth program for her passions in community service. In fact, that is the topic of her platform: Passion for Service: Promoting Community Service and Involvement As a former farm girl and 4-H member, Stam believes in the power of agriculture and giving back. As a past 4-H member myself, I personally know the power of this organization, and I truly believe it was a stepping stone for my future career in agriculture.

I remember giving my very first speech when I was eight years old. It was titled, "What is a Limousin?" and it talked about the qualities of the Limousin breed in comparison to a quality limousine luxury vehicle. I remember my first 4-H heifers, Sparkles and Apple Blossom, and how proud I was to earn purple ribbons on them after a summer of hard work. I remember joining the livestock judging team and defending my placings in oral reasons. In addition, 4-H enabled me to explore new things every year, and I took advantage of those opportunities, entering contests like Special Foods, Fashion Review, Photography and Lamb Lead. Of course, 4-H also instilled a value in giving back to the community, and every month, my 4-H club, The Dakota Kids, worked to help those in need. Were you involved in 4-H? If so, what were your favorite memories?

I'm so proud of Katie Stam, the 2009 Miss America, for her strong background in 4-H. I think we might have a potential celebrity spokesperson on our hands, don't you? An article in The Cattle Business Weekly, Miss America gives credit to 4-H, details Katie's involvement in this youth in agriculture program. To thank Katie for her support of 4-H and agriculture, send letters to