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Culver’s Supports FFA In New Campaign

Culver’s Supports FFA In New Campaign

My hometown Culver’s restaurant is a hot spot, particularly during the summer months. From the butter burgers, to the cheese curds, to the concrete mixers, the treats are hard to beat. Of course, the ingredients that make up our favorite menu items at Culver’s come from beef and dairy producers, and now, the restaurant chain is taking the time to say “thank you” in a new and exciting campaign.

The Culver’s campaign calls for thank-you letters written to the farmers and ranchers who raise the beef and dairy products featured in their menu items. For every thank-you note written, Culver’s will donate $1 to the National FFA organization.

On the Culver’s Facebook page, the company writes, “Our nation’s farmers work hard to grow and produce the wholesome, delicious food we so proudly serve. Join us in saying, ‘Thank you.’ We wouldn’t be what we are today without family farms. So we’re turning our gratitude into full-fledged support. Help us say thank you by writing a simple note to our nation’s farmers. For each thank-you note you write (and you can write one daily!), we’ll donate $1 to the National FFA Foundation. The money will go directly to supporting agricultural education and developing leaders of tomorrow.”

This campaign is reminiscent of Dodge’s SuperBowl commercial that supported FFA, and it’s sure to be another great promotion for America’s farmers and agriculture’s youth. You can participate in this promotion here.

If the Culver’s campaign and a reminder to go get some ice cream on your lunch break today isn’t enough to make you smile, then how about this: there is a new cartoonist in town, and the chuckles are now featured on the website.

Dick Stubler is a lifelong cartoonist who draws on his childhood experiences growing up on a farm, attending livestock auctions with his dad, and hunting and fishing in the Pennsylvania countryside. Today, he’s a retired steelworker who lives with his wife in Orlando, FL. Stubler says he loves to concentrate on humor dealing with farming, cattle, hunting and fishing.

It’s almost the weekend, so relax and enjoy these 10 cartoons from our new featured artist!


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