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Do Your Legislators Make the Grade?

hsus-kitty.jpg With all of the action taking place at the nation's capital, it can be hard to monitor the activities of our states' leaders. In December, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) CEO Wayne Pacelle divvied out grades in a report card on our nation's lawmakers. President Obama received a B- from this organization, and HSUS also passed out grades based on the voting records and past activities of Congress members. So, how did your state's senators and representatives rate? Check out the 2009 Humane Scorecard put together by the HSUS lobbying arm in Washington D.C.

After reviewing the scorecard, the next step is to contact our nation's leaders, whether they scored well on the HSUS scale or not. It's important for us to recognize those that match with the ideals of mainstream America verses those that sway to the hard-hitting lobbying efforts of HSUS.

Thanks to the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance for putting together letters to send to our Congress members, offering two options: one for a high HSUS score and one for a low score. If they scored high with HSUS, let them know you don't approve of their siding with an organization that wants to put farmers and ranchers out of business. If they scored low, thank them for standing by their constituents and ignoring the pressure of the well-oiled HSUS machine.

Take a look at your senators and representatives. How do they stack up against the HSUS grading system? Most importantly, will you take the next step and contact these folks? As always, let's compare notes in the comments section. In your opinion, who in Congress needs to go, and who should we continue to support?