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Fixing Fence, Breeding Heifers, Cutting Hay

img_5747.JPG It's an interesting time of year. Folks have about finished planting and are moving on to their first cutting of hay. The pairs are out to pasture, and the herd bulls shortly followed. Replacement heifers and select cows are being artificially inseminated as breeding decisions are made for the upcoming year. And, show calves are in the barn, getting washed and brushed in preparation for summer events. Well, that's what's going on at my place anyway.

How are things going at your operation? Is the weather holding up? Are you in desperate need of rain, or are you ready to send the showers elsewhere? What stage in the game are you at with the calves? Have you turned them out to pasture? Do you have your fences fixed from the hard abuse of winter? Do you have your thistles and other noxious weeds under control? What are your summer projects?

Let me know what's going on in your operation, so I can better serve you on this blog. And, while we enjoy getting together via BEEF Daily, these little updates about what we are doing on our farms and ranches are also very interesting to our consumers. Perhaps after you send me an update in the comments section, you can also share those thoughts on your social media accounts or in an email to a friend. It may seem like the little things we do each day on our operations are mundane, but for someone who has never set foot on a farm or ranch, short updates can be incredibly enlightening.

That's my challenge for today: share what's going on at your place on BEEF Daily and elsewhere. Introduce your farm and family to your customers!