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Forget Facebook FarmVille, Explore Checkoff Cow Chow Game

Forget Facebook FarmVille, Explore Checkoff Cow Chow Game

In college, my roommates used to waste countless hours playing FarmVille on Facebook. Basically, the game simulates what farming and ranching is like. Curious, I asked one of my pals to show me what it’s all about. My virtual farming buddy had a robust field of strawberries with a nice-sized cowherd grazing nearby. I asked her how soon the calves would be harvested. She told me never; the cows just graze all day. I quickly dismissed the game as pointless, a far cry from reality, although it probably does teach those who know nothing about agriculture a lot about where their food comes from. Although I’m not an online-farming guru, there’s a new game in town I think you’re going to like!

It’s called “Cow Chow,” an online game and video series designed to answer common questions about cattle diets, sponsored by the beef checkoff program.

“The 10-question game and corresponding videos encourage consumers to explore what cattle eat from birth to the feedyard. The Cow Chow videos were filmed almost exclusively by cattle in Kansas, South Dakota, Texas and Florida wearing specially-rigged GoPro cameras to share this important animal care story from the cows’ eye view. Curious consumers can now see exactly what cattle really eat every day as they compete in an interactive quiz game. Upon completion of the game, users can post results and a badge to their Facebook page, and challenge their friends to beat their best score. The Cow Chow game and videos emphasize the attention cattle farmers and ranchers pay to their animals, their land and their communities.”

Now, this is something I could get excited about! Learn more about the game and share with your buddies by clicking here.

What do you think about Cow Chow? This might be a great tool for potential ag-in-the-classroom visits. Is using social media tools and online games a good way to connect with consumers? Share your thoughts today!

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