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Gearing up for Grilling Season

1596398643_58827b13f5.jpg Slipping on a crisp apron, the confident chef grabs his gleaming stainless steel grilling tools. He lights the coals and lays his tender beef cut on the grill. The steak sizzles as the fire dances below. As the succulent steak is finished to a perfect medium rare, the chef knows he will soon bite into a little piece of heaven. Is your mouth watering yet? Good, that means you love a good steak on the grill just as much as me. Now, the challenge is to remind the consumers how much they love beef, too!

It's as easy as starting up a conversation in the grocery aisle. Perhaps you could recommend a good recipe or give advise on which cut would work best. If that's not your style, why not share your love for the website,, where consumers can find excellent resources for all their beef questions. It's really simple...if we are to be successful in the cattle industry, than the consumer needs to demand our beef products. Today's challenge is to connect with someone and share your love of beef with that person. It only takes a minute, but it could be the deciding factor between a veggie pizza or steak fajitas for supper that night.

Yesterday, I ran across an excellent article to gear up for grilling season, and it should help give you a few talking points when you're making conversation today with strangers. Printed by the Asheville Citizen-Times, the article was titled, Here's the beef: Master the art of grilling 5 great cuts. It gives tips and tricks for grilling skirt steaks, tri-tip, flat iron, top strip loin and boneless ribeyes to heavenly perfection. Kudos to this media group for their positive coverage of America's favorite protein!

Quick BEEF Daily Fact: Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture decreased 4.2% from 2001 to 2006. (Source: Beef From Pasture to Plate)

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