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HSUS President Reveals Agenda

guide4pacelle.gif U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance (USSA) recently addressed Humane Society of the United State's (HSUS) President Wayne Pacelle's blog post on the agenda of this organization. In his blog post, Pacelle brags about the power of HSUS and accuses opposers of not being "in step" with American views and ideals. I think Pacelle's blog reveals a great deal about the organization, and the HSUS is obviously not going to mind pushing other groups out of their way to accomplish their goals.

In his latest blog post, Pacelle writes, "When you are the largest and most accomplished organization in the animal protection movement, it’s logical that you’ll be feared by groups or corporations that stand in the way of progress."

The USSA writes about Pacelle's words...

He went on to suggest that HSUS opponents should, “start adjusting to the evolving ethos in American culture. You’ll get ahead through innovation and adaption, not stubborn adherence to custom or current business operations.”

Finally, Pacelle stated that other animal rights’ groups “miss the bigger picture, and our interest in reaching mainstream Americans.”

“Mr. Pacelle’s own words pull the curtain back and unveil the real intent of the HSUS, “stated USSA President and CEO Bud Pidgeon. “He admits to attempting to ‘mainstream’ the group at the same time he criticisms ‘custom’. There’s only one reason to do this and that is to fundamentally change America to correspond to the HSUS agenda.”

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: HSUS is a multinational conglomerate with ten regional offices in the United States and a special Hollywood Office that promotes and monitors the media’s coverage of animal-rights issues. (Source: Activist Cash)

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