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It's A Brand New Day, Make the Most of It!

baby.jpg There is no better medicine in the world than a rancher enjoying a sunny day and watching baby calves race across the pasture, and I took an extra minute during chores last night to enjoy that beautiful scene. All the challenges of the spring thaw faded in my memory as I watched these calves torment their mothers by ignoring their calls to playing with their pals instead. As the sun faded into the night sky, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and excited to begin a brand new day and make the most of it.

As a young person in agriculture, there are certainly challenges to overcome when thinking about the financial obstacles that stand as daunting road blocks in the way of reaching my goals. I know I'm not the only young person in this boat; however, as a group, I believe we are as optimistic and enthusiastic about opportunities in production agriculture as the generations before us. Only today, the challenges we face look a little different.

When I look at those baby calves, healthy and happy in the pasture, I know that my family and I have worked hard to ensure they have been cared for to the best of our abilities. Farmers and ranchers are the salt of the earth; they are the ones who practice environmental stewardship and animal welfare each and every day. Yet, we all know the media and special interest groups are depicting us in totally different ways. Our story is rich and beautiful, and it needs to be told. I challenge you to make the most of this brand new day and share your optimism, enthusiasm and personal story with someone new. I know I have presented this same challenge to all of you before, but today, I hope you take my advice and run with it. Be sure to share your successes back here on the blog, and stay tuned for next week, where we will be celebrating beef with a brand new photo contest.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Did you know that 85% of U.S. grazing lands are unsuitable for producing crops? By grazing animals on this land, American ranchers an more than double the area that can be used to produce food.