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springtime on the ranch

Man, You Just Have To Love Spring!

Spring is the season of hope. The grass greens – most of the time – and we all hope it stays that way. And there’s something special about watching young calves frolic on green grass close, but not too close, to their moms. Of course, it’s also artificial insemination/breeding season for the herd, and one looks forward to, and plans for, the next generation. There is nothing more hopeful than that.

This time of year creates an extra bounce in everyone’s step. In part, that’s due to school being out for the summer. For our family, summer is a time when we spend a lot of time together, working, and showing horses and cattle.

It’s a huge deal for me when we change to Daylight Saving time. It means there’s actually daylight when the kids get off the bus at the end of the school day, and we can start to do some outdoor activities again as a family. April offered us some bitter cold spells in Colorado this year, but the fire pit has already been used a couple of times.

If winter is a grind, spring is an amusement park. Feeding and calving somehow always becomes work by the end of winter, but spring activities tend to come in short, but important, bursts – get the cows bred, brand/work the calves, get around the fences, go to grass (or hope to go to grass), plant corn, etc.

The cattle markets usually even give us an optimistic view of the business. We typically have our spring highs, grass fever in the feeder market, and the beginning of forward pricing on calves. Even the markets use the spring as a time to look forward.

Someone recently asked me what my favorite time of the year was. I have a lot of fond memories about fair week, both as a kid and a parent; I absolutely love eating a funnel cake under some shade on a hot August day. But I’d have to say I never feel closer to God than on a cool, spring morning. What’s better than throwing your leg over a horse that is feeling a little fresh and excited to get to work? And with a full season of promise ahead of you? You have to love spring.


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