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McDonald’s Launches Consumer App For Food Source

McDonald’s Launches Consumer App For Food Source

Is there an app for that? These days, no matter what you’re looking for, chances are there’s an app for it. Take, for example, BEEF magazine’s app for the 2013 Cattle Industry Convention in Tampa, FL. You can download it here. You won’t miss a second of the action with this great app to help you out. Who is all going to be in Florida?

One app piquing my interest recently is created by McDonald’s and released in Australia. Called TrackMyMacca’s, which is Australia’s nickname for McDonald’s, the app allows diners to scan an image of their McDonald’s food item using an iOS camera. Using GPS technology, the app pinpoints the customer’s location and identifies the source of the items via real-time tracking.

Customers can track everything from meat, to French fries, to pickles, cheese and bread. The information is revealed using 3D animation, and introduces the customer to the farmer behind their foods.

“Most people like the taste of McDonald’s, but there’s still some confusion about just how real our food is. So, we want you to take a closer look at our where some of our ingredients are grown, fished or farmed and what happens to them on the way to get to you,” explains McDonald’s.

For example, a quick search on the app for a double cheeseburger explains more about the beef between the buns. The app reads, “What’s your beef? It’s 100% Aussie, that’s what. It was made into a patty in Sydney, then snap-frozen like a pea to keep its flavor all the way to you in cloudy Broadway.”

Although this app isn’t available in the U.S., my guess it’s only just a matter of time. Talk about changing the face of fast food! It is apparent McDonald’s has gotten the message that transparency is critical in keeping consumers’ trust. Perhaps you might recall McDonald’s ad campaigns here in the U.S. featuring the real farmers behind their food?

If big corporations have it figured out that the consumer wants and needs more information about their food, then certainly we can follow suit. Transparency is going to be king in 2013, no doubt about it.

What do you think of the new app? Do you think it will be a useful tool or information overload?



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