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Microsoft Supports National FFA To Launch Agricultural Career Network

01018_ffa_logo.jpg Last week, I wrote about how JCPenney is supporting 4-H through the “Pennies From Heaven” campaign, and the theme of large corporations supporting youth in agriculture continues with today’s blog post. Microsoft Corp. has donated nearly $1.9 million in software, training and support to the National FFA organization for the creation of a new online network to help students track educational successes, pursue awards and scholarships, and ultimately obtain careers in the agriculture industry. This is a fantastic collaboration and a huge boost for young people wanting to pursue their dream jobs in food production!

According to a July 24 FFA press release, "The Agricultural Career Network will be an online portal that students can use starting in middle school, through college and beyond to track their educational accomplishments, activities and awards. It will also allow students to build resumes and online portfolios, apply for awards and scholarships, prepare for college, pursue internships, connect with potential employers and pursue employment opportunities. Agriculture teachers will also be able to manage FFA member information in the network, which will provide key data for Perkins plans and reports, produce local impact reports for advocacy efforts, compile information about available grant and scholarship applications and create tools that teachers can use to gauge the relevance and successes of their individual agricultural education curricula."

Dare I say this support of youth in agriculture is a growing trend? Is corporate America beginning to recognize the fact that these young people will be the future leaders who will feed the world? With a growing population to feed, this Agricultural Career Network sounds like the perfect tool to assist and encourage young people to continue their involvement in agriculture, and I couldn’t think of a better way to invest a dollar, or $1.9 million. Thank you, Microsoft.

What's your take on the Microsoft and FFA project? Check out this partnership between tractor dealers, Mahindra USA, and the Texas FFA. Were you in FFA? What are some of your fondest memories from being a part of the organization?