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National Supporting Agriculture Day-Wear Green Today!

It's a great day to be in agriculture, and folks across the country are celebrating by wearing green today. It's "National Supporting Agriculture Day," and a Facebook event page was created in honor of this event by two young people, Rachel Erickson of Wisconsin River Falls, and Barrett Smith of Kansas State University. A whopping 9,978 confirmed guests pledged to participate in today's event, and I hope many of you will sport a green shirt today to take part in the celebration. What a perfect opportunity to share the agriculture story. Read more about it and join the fun!

About National Supporting Agriculture Day: As a group of concerned young agriculturalists, we have put this event together. Many other organizations wear shirts of specific colors on certain days. The military has red shirt Friday to allow people to express their support of our troops. We are going to wear green! We are the greenest industry there is in our great land! Why not showcase what we are doing and explain with a positive attitude our industry and lifestyle? There is an actual Ag Day on March 20th. We are having it on the 3rd due to many schools having spring break. Please support agriculture on March 20th as well.

It's been a busy week in my neck of the woods. I attended a beef marketing and risk management meeting yesterday, and calving season is in full swing. As a result, I'm excited and enthusiastic about our industry, and I will proudly be sporting green today in hopes to spark a conversation with our customers in places like Facebook, Twitter and the grocery store. What have you been up to this week? How have you been celebrating agriculture each and every day? Will you wear green and support our great industry?

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Talk about the power of social media! On day one of this event being created, Erickson reported that one new member per minute was added to the group. Great job in promoting our industry and establishing a fun day to celebrate agriculture!