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With No Political Correctness, I Wish You A Merry Christmas

With No Political Correctness, I Wish You A Merry Christmas

One thing I love about the people at BEEF is that they don’t operate the way most folks do in this age of political correctness. The BEEF editors have never dictated to me what could or should be said. In fact, they even print my opinion pieces when they think I’m 100% wrong.

I bring this up to illustrate that I’m kind of known for being willing to express my opinion. However, for some reason, when it comes to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, I admit that I’m tempted a bit to bow to political correctness and not offend anyone. I’m embarrassed that those thoughts probably affect what I say and how I say it, and I can’t help but wonder what it says about America in general.

So here it goes – I would like to wish you all a merry, merry Christmas. I hope it is a time when you can reflect on the greatest gift of all – the birth of Jesus Christ. I hope you spend it with family and friends, and that all the hustle and bustle fades away for a little while and you can just feel close to God and family. I also hope you have some traditions that will ignite the fondest memories of Christmas past, and that those feelings will remind you throughout the year about what is truly important.

I have never been ashamed about being a rancher, about loving my traditional family, or about needing, having and enjoying a personal relationship with God. But I probably haven’t always stepped forward and proclaimed those beliefs loud enough; perhaps held back by the feeling that I might offend someone.

I hope you all have a glorious Christmas filled with family, love and closeness with God. We are terribly fortunate to live the lives we do; it would be a shame to not proclaim that joy! Merry Christmas.


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