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PETA Awards Oprah, Costco Votes on Animal Rights

sorting-calves.jpgSpring Break has started for many students across the country, including myself. While many are spending a relaxing week lying on the beach, I'm spending some time at the farm with my parents. We are well into calving season, and that means keeping an eye out for the cows nearing their due dates. In the last few days, we were also busy giving vaccinations to the replacement heifers, grinding feed and moving the herd bulls to a different lot. When I'm not working outside, it's back to the house to work on BEEF Daily. I found two points of interest worth noting, and I'm looking forward to your feedback on these issues.

First, I ran across an article written by The National Institute of Canine Experts titled, "PETA Gives Oprah The Award of The Year." This organization points out what PETA stands for. Then it asks if Oprah, like PETA, stands for total animal liberation, criminal activities such as arson, killing 90% of animals at shelters, the end of animal medical research, and a great focus on publicity instead of truth. The article urges readers to write to Oprah to ask her these questions and urge her to return the award. I'm not expecting that anytime soon from Oprah. Are you? To read my past blog post on Oprah's antics, link to When Oprah Speaks, the World Listens…And That’s the Problem.

Second, Costco has a poll on its website asking if animals should have the same rights as people. Your vote is needed to answer "no" before the animal rights crowd gets 80 million members to vote "yes". Opposing viewpoints are expressed on the site by Matt Prescott, director of corporate affairs for PETA, and David Martosko, director of research for The Center for Consumer Freedom. Anyone can vote. Currently the poll stands at 91.5% No and 8.5% Yes with 8956 votes cast. I was asked to spread the word, and I hope you will, too. Get as many people to head to the website to vote today! Click here to vote now!