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Pop Culture's Mixed Views On "Going Veggie"

kristen_bell_sexy_veg.jpgIt seems like everyday another celebrity has announced their new vegetarian/vegan status. A long list of celebrities such as Chelsea Clinton, Kristen Bell, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Joaquin Phoenix have all used their celebrity status as a platform for promoting this "trendy" diet. Yet, pop culture seems to have mixed views on "going veggie." I was flipping through a popular women's magazine over the weekend, and found a startling hypocrisy. On one page was a list of things considered attractive in popular culture, and vegans made the list. However, on the health pages, I found a contradictory article titled, "The Truth About Going Veggie." Here is what it said...

fresh-vegetables.jpgForgoing meat in favor of a plant-based diet is usually a healthy move. But a new study suggests that young adults who call themselves vegetarians are more likely to binge and be bulimic than meat eaters, leading experts to believe that vegetarianism can sometimes be a mask for an underlying eating disorder.

00006_beef-filet.jpgSo, while it may seem like EVERY celebrity is jumping on the bandwagon towards an unhealthy lifestyle, it looks like popular culture is finally figuring out what we knew all along: a healthy, balanced diet includes meat and dairy products. "Going veggie" is simply a new diet fad that covers up much larger problems in today's teens.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Plant food proteins are not as high quality as meat, dairy or egg proteins. Plant foods contain less of the essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) necessary for the body to make complete proteins.