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Positive media coverage from Food Network and ESPN

barn-2.jpgI had a fun weekend celebrating agriculture at the South Dakota State University's 86th Little International. 1,700 students competed in judging contests, livestock shows and showmanship events. It was a true gathering of agriculture's finest, and I'm proud to have been able to participate in Little "I" throughout my years at the university. Because the event was such a success, I'm feeling incredibly optimistic about the agriculture industry today. A quick scan through recent headlines indicates that several media sources are pretty optimistic about animal agriculture, as well.

The Food Network's front page headline, "Is Red Meat Safe?" had me cringing as I thought about the misconceptions that are running rampant through other media outlets. However, I was happy to see the Food Network work to correct false statements about meat in the diet. The article states, The media loves telling us how bad red meat is (have you heard about the new study claiming red meat may cause an early death?). Meanwhile, dietitians say it can be part of a healthy diet. So what’s the real deal? By now, you’ll probably want to ban red meat from your shopping cart or tear your hair out! Not so fast. Do you see every meat eater in town running around with various types of cancers? I don’t. Yes, there is loads of evidence against eating red meat, but pinpointing the exact cause of the cancers is difficult and unknown at this time. To read the entire article, link to the Food Network here.

In addition, ESPN has provided a little entertainment for our Monday morning with Paul Lukas' column, "Bracket Mania: Meat is Good." Lukas' funny banter opens the column with, Face it: When it comes to food, meat's the treat to eat that can't be beat. Show me someone who doesn't eat meat and I'll show you me eating that person's pork chop. And please, spare me your vegetarian moralisms -- if we weren't meant to eat animals, how come they're all made out of meat? Hungy? Good, now go show your loyalty to your meat of choice. Ah, but which meat is the best meat of all? With so many meats to choose from, it can be hard to single out the champion meat, the crème de la meat, the meat de la meat. Fortunately for you, I'm here to sort the whole thing out for you. So loosen your belt and let's get started. To vote for your favorite meat or see who makes it to the meat championship, link to ESPN.

Here's to a great Monday and a productive week. Remember to stay positive and start spreading the message about great tasting, healthy beef!