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Producer Poll: What's Your Marketing Plan This Fall?

calf-shot.jpg Your grandpa sold the calves on the same day each fall, and your father followed that tradition as well. Now it's your turn to make the decisions. It would be only natural to follow the old way and do the same thing this year. Yet, cattle economists are predicting the potential for producers to reap profitable rewards this year, if they make the right marketing decisions for their calf crop, of course.

Today's producer poll is this: What's your marketing plan this fall?

Are you planning on loading the calves onto the truck immediately after weaning? Will you hold onto the calves until December or January? Are you teaming up with any value-added programs? How has your marketing plan changed over the years, and how will you tweak it to gain the most dollars in this optimistic year?

BEEF magazine has a wealth of information on marketing tips and tricks for producers. Click here to learn more in order to make an educated decision for your operation. Of particular interest, you might want to check out the exclusive BEEF magazine survey on value-based marketing participation. You can see it here.

Finally, happy 25th wedding anniversary to the most dedicated BEEF Daily fans out there, my parents, Dave and Peggy Nolz! They have spent many anniversary weekends weaning calves together, and with my wedding day only three days away, it looks like I may join that family tradition as well. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for being my biggest supporters! I love you both! Congratulations!