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Questions for you

amanda1.jpg Each edition of BEEF Daily is filled with topic areas of concerns through my point of view. My blog entries come from the perspective of a daughter and granddaughter of cattle producers, a student, a journalist, a National Beef Ambassador and a future beef producer. Through previous experiences and education, I work to identify the key issues that impact every person throughout the beef production chain. While I enjoy providing a wide array of issues to discuss on this forum, I would love to hear from all of you. Today, I would like to discuss the issues and ideas that most interest you. What are your concerns? What issues are you most worried about? What challenges are you tackling in 2009-10? What topics should I address in future blog entries? NAIS? COOL? HSUS? Management ideas? Marketing programs? Retail updates? Animal health? I need your help in making this website one that is both informative and inspirational for every single person in the agriculture industry. The floor is yours; let me know what's on your mind!

I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone, but in the meantime, I have provided several sources of positive beef trade buzz that might brighten up your day. I'm finishing up classes for the week, and I'm headed home for Easter Break. Stay tuned for updates from the farm next week! Thanks again to all of you for making this blog a truly great place to meet and chat about agriculture issues everyday. I appreciate all of you! And, now for that positive beef industry buzz...

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