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Time For Pasture Turnout! PLUS: 7 Resources For Grazing Success

pasture turnout tips for cattlemen

The grass is greening up, and it’s that time of year to haul cow-calf pairs and herd bulls out to pasture for summer! This is such a fun time of year, as we take a break from feeding expensive hay bales and watch our calves grow and thrive in the lush green pastures on the prairie.

I realize some are still suffering from the drought, so “green” might be a long-forgotten sight in your area. I pray for rain to relieve those folks who are desperately in need of it. Fortunately for us, we feel lucky to have received adequate moisture and are excited to have pairs on grass for the summer.


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We hauled pairs a couple of weeks ago and are now busy mixing and hauling creep feed out to the pastures. We’re also fixing fence and looking for any signs of pneumonia or scours in calves or foot rot in cows. Hopefully, these nuisances stay away, and the cattle have a healthy, happy summer. To celebrate this wonderful time of year, I have compiled five past articles, galleries and blog posts related to pasture turnout time:

1. Drought Planning For Fun And Profit

2. Photo Gallery: Readers Share Photos Offering Pasture Tour Of Their Calf Crop

3. Lush Pasture May Cause Grass Tetany

4. Grass Plans -- Tight Supply Lifts Calf Prices Higher

5. Tips For Preventing Pasture Bloat

6. Protect Calves From A Summertime Struggle

7. Range Science 101: Strategies For Managing Spring Grazing 

Have you turned pairs out yet? How are your pastures looking right now? Have you gotten enough moisture to green things up adequately? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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