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Ultimate Steak Cut Guide, PLUS: 14 Dumb Things People Say To Meat-Eaters

Yesterday, I rounded up four items that depict the animal welfare and animal rights concerns that consumers have and what the activists who participate in this arena are up to. While their voices seem really loud, only 2-3% of folks are vegetarians or vegans. For the rest of us meat-loving folks, we can still enjoy a juicy ribeye without guilt.

Lucky for us, there are plenty of resources out there to help us have the best meat-eating experience possible. Sites like or offer many recipe ideas to inspire us. Meanwhile, helps us to learn how beef gets to the dinner table.


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A new article at entitled, “The Steak Breakdown: Your Ultimate Guide To Cuts Of Beef,” is both informative and entertaining. If you’re a beef-lover like I am, I know you’ll enjoy it. Here is an excerpt:

“The greatest thing to go from farm to table – at least since that time you had a dream about a date with Daisy Duke — is steak. But where does porterhouse come from? What’s the best way to cook a skirt steak? And, most importantly, what beer should you be drinking while enjoying a tri-tip?

1. The chuck-eye

“The chuck-eye is like the ribeye’s less well-to-do brother. Because it’s a tougher cut, you need to pay special attention; if you keep it on the grill too long, chuck’s gonna be tougher than a certain Texas Ranger."

2. The brisket

“In Texas, it’s pretty much the state animal. Pair it with tangy barbecue sauce and a cold tall boy.”

3. The flank steak

“Because cows apparently have washboard abs, you’re gonna need to marinate this sucker, then either braise it or broil the holy hell out of it. Either way, you need to keep an eye on it so it doesn’t become so tough you pull a jaw muscle.”

Read the entire article, which includes the cost/lb. for each cut, sauce and drink pairings, how to shop, and how to cook the cut here.

Plus, for you meat-eaters who are constantly bombarded with snide comments and propaganda from the veggie-only crowd, here is an interesting article from the Huffington Post titled, “The 14 Dumbest Things Meat-Eaters Have To Deal With.” Here is an excerpt:

1. Being demonized by animal rights activists for eating meat.

2. Taking flak for not treating animals exactly like people.

3. Having to explain bacon.

4. Being lectured on how humans were never meant to eat meat.

5. Being called lazy or ignorant for not analyzing every aspect of where our food comes from.

To read the completely blunt article, followed by lots of meat recipes, click here.


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