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Veganism Book For Kids Goes Too Far

Article-Veganism Book For Kids Goes Too Far

“Vegan Is Love” is the title of a new children’s book by Ruby Roth. While I grew up on innocent Disney fairytales, the Bernstein Bears, and the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, Roth introduces young people to the horrors of eating meat, and she goes way too far in the process.

A book review from MSN reads, “Vegans, you can abdicate yourself from the pinnacle of the food chain, but don't try to scare us off our bacon sundaes. And, please don't try to make our kids read Ruby Roth's new book, ‘Vegan Is Love,’ a gorgeously illustrated but sinister children's book that graphically depicts bleeding, slaughtered animals and describes their deaths as violent and sad. It's no wonder Roth's unsmiling stepdaughter told The Today Show her favorite food is kale. Critics say the book encourages vegan kids to see their meat-eating friends as cold-blooded killers. One thing is for sure: As far as bedtime stories go, you're better off with ‘Goodnight Moon.’

“Vegan Is Love” is Roth’s second shot at targeting children to push forward her vegan agenda. Her first book, “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals” encourages kids to avoid parks, circuses, horse races and eating meat.

I believe it’s important to educate kids about where their food comes from. Show them seeds are planted in the soil to grow vegetables. Teach them about how cattle and sheep grazing in the pasture convert grass into protein for us to eat. Tell them that bacon comes from pigs, and eggs come from chickens. Correct them when they think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Explore farms and ranches, learn about careers in agriculture and teach them how to be confident in the kitchen. These are all important lessons for kids.

However, using fear tactics and dramatic illustrations to scare kids away from healthy, nutritious animal proteins is just wrong. What do you think about the book, “Vegan Is Love?”

Check out these children’s books that celebrate animal agriculture and show your kids how you can love animals and the planet and still enjoy meat and dairy products.

“Levi’s Lost Calf” by Amanda Radke

“Star Becomes A Mother” by Rianna and Sheridan Cheney

“Peekaboo Farm” by Charlie Gardner

“Open The Barn Door” by Christopher Santoro

“Little House On The Praire” by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Do you have any suggestions for ag-accurate books to add to the list? Please, share with us in the comments section below.

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