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Vote For Best Generations On The Ranch Photo

Vote For Best Generations On The Ranch Photo

A common misconception about agriculture among consumer groups is that all food is produced by factory farmers. They long for their romantic vision of cattle grazing on rolling pastures like the “good old days,” and I often have to remind people that that vision still exists in the beef industry. While I cringe at the phrase, “factory farm,” according to USDA, they don’t exist; 98% of farms and ranches are family owned and operated.

Simply put, ranching is truly a family affair, and that’s why we are celebrating the generations of families involved in the cattle business. A few weeks ago, we launched a photo contest, calling for readers to send in their best family ranching photos. We have compiled 68 photos illustrating how family is an important part of raising beef.

View photos of ranching families here.

From the entries, we narrowed them down to the 10 best photos. The 10 finalists are now eligible to win a $100 and $50 gift certificate from Michelle Weber Custom Painting (WCP). We need your help in choosing our winners. Three voters will be selected to take home WCP notecard sets, as well.

Check out WCP prints currently available here.

Voting will be open until noon on Sept. 30.

To vote, click here.

Thanks to all who participated in this contest! I’m excited to see who rises to the top in the finalist group.

While we’re talking about family ranch businesses, tell me about yours. Who is involved in your operation? How does your family make it work? Share your stories in the comments section below.


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