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What's at "Steak"

Even though America has chosen a new president, elected a new set of Congressmen and passed new legislation, this doesn't mean the skies have magically become more blue and our nation's problems have been solved. In fact, our new president has inherited quite a hefty things to do list, tackling issues on the war and our economy. While the country remains entranced by the election results, it's back to reality for agriculture.

With the recent approval of Proposition 2 coupled with the state of the economy, pockets will remain tight for our consumers. Meat products will become increasingly more expensive, and more items off the grocery list will have to be crossed out. What does this mean for the beef industry? Today's headlines are all about the retail end, ensuring a quality product for our consumers.

In the upcoming months, it's going to be more important than ever before to encourage consumers to keep beef at the center of the dinner plate, despite rising costs. So what can we do to promote our products? Certainly the beef checkoff is doing a great deal with promotion, research and educational programs, but we need to go a step further and start speaking up and speaking out about beef.

That's where National Beef Ambassadors come in. As you know, the beef ambassador program was cut this year, but the American National CattleWomen are fundraising to keep this program alive. Just as you pay your beef checkoff bill, the cattlewomen are asking for a dollar donation. They have already raised $1,000, but they will need much more to make this program thrive once again. Have you sent in your dollar yet? The demand for beef is at "steak," and it's time to tak action, today!