Advances in ultrasound technology can be utilized on the ranch

New ultrasound probes, paired with extension arm technology, make it easier than ever before to implement ultrasound technology onto ranches.

September 15, 2016

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Advances in ultrasound technology can be utilized on the ranch

Successful ranchers know that reproductive efficiency is critical for their success. Ultrasound technology allows for earlier and more accurate pregnancy diagnosis and fetal aging. This in turn results in tighter calving groups, better surveillance at calving time, fewer open cows in the spring, earlier detection of reproductive diseases and earlier detection of other reproductive abnormalities. 

ReproScan convex rectal probe arm

ReproScan convex rectal probe arm

In recent years ultrasound technology has greatly improved, offering simpler and more affordable options for both producers and veterinarians. One of these developments is the introduction of the convex rectal probe.  ReproScan Veterinary Ultrasound Technology introduced the first convex rectal probe for cattle pregnancy testing in 2009.

The convex rectal probe provides a much larger field of view than the traditional linear probe ultrasound units that have been used since the 1990s. This larger field of view makes visualization and aging of the pregnancy much easier and quicker as compared to the same process completed with linear probes.  According to one veterinarian, “The difference when preg checking with a convex probe versus a linear probe is like bird hunting with a shotgun versus a rifle.” This convex probe allows for utilization of extension arm technology on ranches.

Extension arm ultrasound technology progressed rapidly when ReproScan introduced the convex rectal probe in 2009. The large field of view ensures that the extension arm concept is much easier to adopt. Hundreds of veterinarians have already adopted this technology in order to save their shoulders while doing a quicker and more accurate job of pregnancy testing. 

One distinct advantage of ultrasound technology is the ease with which one can learn to ultrasound. Manual palpation requires a great deal of time, large numbers of cattle, and physical stamina to achieve accuracy.  With the introduction of convex rectal probes on ultrasound units, it now takes less time and a fewer number of cattle to learn how to pregnancy test. The large clear image that the convex rectal probe delivers makes learning to ultrasound cattle is easier than ever before. 

Utilization of extension arm technology, such as the ReproScan’s ReproArm, allows the operator to be arms free. This reduces strain and stress on both the cow and the person pregnancy testing. Numerous veterinarians, ranches, and feed yards have already implemented extension arm ultrasound technology. Ranches of all sizes seeking to improve their overall efficiency through earlier pregnancy checks should consider implementing ultrasound technology. Even smaller ranches are implementing extension arm ultrasounding to add value as well as a greater element of efficiency to their operation.  

Introducing the latest ultrasound technology into to your program either through your local veterinarian or an on-farm ultrasound is a simple and affordable way to greatly increase the reproductive efficiency of your herd.

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