Vytelle Announces the 2022 Top 150 Proven Bulls

Bulls rose to the top of more than 94,000 animals of 25 different breeds.

June 2, 2022

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Vytelle released this week its Top 150 Proven Bulls list. Together, with more than 30 of their network partners, Vytelle is sharing high accuracy bulls that have risen to the top of more than 94,000 animals of 25 different breeds and more than 289,000 RFI EPDs.

“Cattle producers need to be able to replicate the right genetics now,” said Kerryann Kocher, chief executive officer for Vytelle. “Through Vytelle’s integrated technology platform, the reality of making reliable data-driven decisions is now. Vytelle and our network partners, are publishing this list of feed efficient bulls to assist cattle producers globally in driving a more accurate mating selection decision.”

Bulls appearing within the pages of the Top 150 Proven Bulls list must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of a three-generation pedigree

  • Residual Feed Intake (RFI) EPD accuracy of 0.6 or higher

  • Animal or progeny were tested on a Vytelle SENSE system

Vytelle curates the world’s largest multi-breed database. Each phenotyped animal strengthens the database providing producers insight to make profit-bearing decisions regarding selection for feed efficiency and performance.

“The selection possibilities for breeders across the globe are endless,” said Lisa Rumsfeld, vice president of international commercial operation for Vytelle. “As part of a balanced program, selecting cattle for feed efficiency using residual feed intake, can directly impact the bottom line as 70% of a beef producer’s total cost is feed. Our partners are enjoying a growing interest in their programs, identifying marketing premiums associated with feed efficiency and methane emissions reduction claims.”

Phenotypic data captured through the Vytelle SENSE system measures both individual animal feed intake and weight in parallel while cattle remain in their pens. The Feed Intake Nodes measure feed disappearance every second an animal is feeding, each time an animal feeds, to a 10-gram resolution. The In-Pen Weighing Positions measure individual animal partial body weight and growth. It weighs every second an animal is standing at the water trough, which can equate up to 450 weights a day.

To find the full listing of the 2022 Top 150 Proven Bulls, click here.


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