Eunice Williams releases a greatly extended stockmanship video and a first-time release on starting young horses.

March 18, 2013

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Two New Stockmanship Videos Available From Bud Williams

Eunice Williams has released two new video series showcasing the stockmanship training of her late husband, Bud Williams.

One is a greatly extended video on general stockmanship principles as Bud taught them in workshops. Eunice is calling this Stockmanship-Plus.

"Over the years, many of our stockmanship students have asked us to update the stockmanship video that we have had for sale since 1990, and to include the videos of people working livestock that we used in our schools," Eunice Williams said. "Bud and I had started work on this before his death in November 2012. I have since completed this project.

A Closer Look: Calm & Collected

"This will not be for the casual student. The old video that I took of his presentation at the 1990 Stockman Grass Farmer grazing conference will take care of that. This is for the serious student and for my peace of mind that we've done everything we can to insure that as much of Bud's knowledge as possible won't be lost.

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