Handle livestock easily with these products

What’s New From the Shows: These products simplify animal handling.

December 28, 2021

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Have you ever had a cow go down and find herself unable to get up? If you have, even once, you will appreciate the Swihart Cow Crane, which a Farm Progress editor uncovered at a fall farm show. It makes moving a large animal much simpler.

That is just a sample of how much the new product lineup varies when it comes to livestock products. If enough producers express a need, companies will offer a product to solve the problem. The Cattle Vac Box Cooler is another example. It can properly store vaccines, and help keep them and the tools to administer them organized and protected from the elements.

If you are thinking about updating your cattle handling system to process cattle or to efficiently administer shots, several companies attempted to build a better mouse trap for this purpose.

Titan West offers the Corral Buddy system for handling cattle. Meanwhile, Sioux brought a new, longer cattle chute to the show, featuring a work area in the back if you need to access the rear end of the animal. This chute utilizes hydraulics to squeeze animals when necessary and to perform other functions.

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