Steve Alexander talks about Nebraska's Junk Jaunt. (audio)

Veteran newsman Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong, who is wrapping things up in Wisconsin.

The fall foliage in Wisconsin will be less vibrant this year because of too much rain and too little rain. Meanwhile, in South Dakota we’re hearing that week of warm fall weather has helped with winter wheat palnting.

It wasn’t all that many years ago we rarely if ever heard of school shooting. Now, they are common. The lastest was yesterday in central Illinois. The injured student is in stable condition.

In Racine, Wis., a woman and her boyfriend have been charged with locking here 9-year-old granddaughter in a basement kennel every night.

If you like garage sales, central Nebraska is the place to be this weekend. It’s on 300-mile-loop through 30 towns and there are more than 500 registered vendors. The Junk Jaunt is Sept. 22-24.

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