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December Fencing Tip: Mistakes Made with an Offset Fence

December Fencing Tip: Mistakes Made with an Offset Fence

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Offset fencing is simple, quick, and inexpensive. It can be used easily and effectively for salvaging old fence, or for protecting a new one or a number of temporary purposes. An offset power fence is inexpensive and simple, but there are two common mistakes made with an offset fence, and together, they completely destroy its effectiveness.

The most common error is the use of soft wire for the fence wire and for the offset bracket. High tensile wire should always be used for the fence wire and only spring steel wire for the offset brackets. The bracket must be able to spring back into place after impact or it will become entangled with the wire of the old fence and ground out.

The second most common mistake is the use of brackets that are too short allowing the hot wire to remain to close to the fence it’s attached to. Brackets should hold the hot wire 12 inches from the old fence. Some brackets you find on the market are only 4 to 6 inches.Another important factor, whenever possible, offset brackets should not be installed onto the posts of the old fence. They should be installed between the posts or adjacent to the posts if the fence is sagging badly. Installing between the old posts provides flexibility letting the wire spring back into position after impact by an animal or piece of equipment.The placement/height of the hot wire is also very important and it should be attached at two-thirds the height of the animal to be controlled. Two offset wires can and often are placed on the same fence. On one side, a wire is placed at 30 inches to contain cattle, and on the other side a wire is places at 8 inches to repel predators.Offset fencing must still be viewed as a system. One shortcut or one substandard component can destroy the effectiveness of the fence.