Max Armstrong talks about the inaugural parade. (podcast)

January 23, 2017

Frankly, we ran out of gas, Green Bay Packers coach said, in explaining their loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

At that controversial pipeline protect in North Dakota, the Native American tribe that is leading the opposition is telling the protesters to go home. 

The Skittles spill that happened in Wisconsin helped with traction on the slippery country road as the candy was headed to a farm to be blended into a livestock ration.

Horses have long been part of the inaugural parade, but this year it's horsepower that's drawing attention. The 13 tractors driven in Friday's inaugural parade have drawn attention from around the world. A farmer who wants to buy one of those tractors contacted Max. There's been about 100,000 views of those videos of the parade. He gives credit to two young women from the Pennsylvania FFA who carried a banner in front of the tractors. They had one of the most difficult jobs of the day, Max says. Tricia Hojnowski and Madeline Buss walked the entire length of the parade in their FFA jackets, skirts and not very comfortable-looking heels. But, he says, they never stopped smiling.

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