5 Good Reads Addressing Concerns About Antibiotics In Animal Agriculture

November 19, 2014

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5 Good Reads Addressing Concerns About Antibiotics In Animal Agriculture

Should consumers be concerned about antibiotic use in animal agriculture? An article entitled, “The 5 Surprising & Less-Known Reasons You’re Packing On Extra Weight,” by Jeff Roberts for collective-evolution.com certainly implies that antibiotic resistance in humans is largely a result of antibiotic use in livestock production.

According to the article, the number-one reason people are carrying extra pounds around their waistline is due to antibiotics in food. The second reason listed was “other growth-enhancing drugs used in livestock production.”


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The article has gone viral on Facebook after health and fitness expert Jillian Michaels shared it on her site. I’ve rounded up five BEEF resources that address antibiotic use in animal agriculture, plus Meat Myth Crushers has a great video sharing information about what the consumer needs to know.

Here are five great reads addressing the issue:

1. What Happens When A DVM & An MD Talk Antibiotics?

2. VIDEO: Discussions Surrounding Antibiotic Resistance Cannot Be One-Sided

3. VIDEO: Judicious Use Of Antibiotics In Animal Ag Is A Must

4. True Or False: Animal Agriculture Uses 80% Of All Antibiotics

5. Survey Finds Confusion Among Consumers Regarding Antibiotics

Plus, check out the Meat Myth Crusher video below.

For more information on this topic, click here.

Help spread the word by sharing this blog post on your social media outlets. We can’t continue to let this misinformation run rampant. Let’s alleviate consumer concerns about antibiotic use in animal agriculture and share the facts. Thanks for your help!

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