New show, “Meat Life,” celebrates beef & addresses misconceptions

A new YouTube show embraces “real meat” eating and explains the culture, science and people surrounding meat in the United States and around the world.

Amanda Radke

October 11, 2019

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Meat Life Media

A new YouTube show called “Meat Life” is getting a lot of buzz these days, and I’m very excited to share it with all of you.

Meat Life is hosted by Nick Solares, a food writer, photographer, Emmy nominated broadcaster and self-proclaimed “professional carnivore.” The show is produced by Solares’ company, Meat Life Media, and the episodes celebrate “real meat” eating and meat culture around the world.

Of his show, Solares says, “Meat Life is about exploring the art, science and culture behind the world’s most iconic meat dishes. It is the antidote to Meatless Monday and all the fake, weird-tasting hamburger that is so in vogue.”

If this sounds like a breath of fresh air to you, you’re not alone. The show’s premier episode was viewed more than 70,000 times in its first week, with a positive 1,500 thumbs up reviews and hundreds of comments from fans.

Meat Life airs on YouTube every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. ET, and viewers can watch as Solares visits iconic New York City steak houses and eats luxury steaks, prime ribs and deluxe cheeseburgers.

On the Meat Life website, fans can review Solares’ New York City “Meat Map” of best restaurants for great-tasting meat dishes. Each quarter, he will add additional cities, beginning with Los Angeles.

Future episodes will include life events, consulting services for restaurant and meat industries and a strong promotion for what Solares calls, “the modern carnivore lifestyle.”

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I can seriously get on board with all of this! Watching the first episode left my mouth watering for a juicy prime rib. And exploring his site following the episode, I was excited to see that visitors can learn more about USDA grades, upcoming meat events and so much more!

Meat Life Media isn’t just on the defense, attempting to negate and counter falsehoods and misinformation about beef in the media. The company is flipping the narrative to boldly proclaim — people around the world love meat, with many cultures’ celebrations and holidays centering around meat dishes.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of about eating meat. Nor should we feel guilty about enjoying a steak or hamburger. Instead, we should really embrace this meat-eating culture and highlight the people, cultures and science that make these meat dishes possible here and around the world!

Basically, I’m wondering, why didn’t I think of that! This week, I’m inspired to follow in Meat Life’s footsteps and change the way I talk about animal agriculture on social media.

The last month, I have had to focus a great deal of time and effort to countering claims about beef production and climate change. Now I want to focus on the positive and control the narrative based on the good stories we have to share in our agricultural community! Who is with me?

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Check out the show by clicking here.

Visit the Meat Life website here.

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