Oregon Rancher Killed By Cow At Cattle Auction

An Oregon cattle rancher has died after some cows got loose in the parking lot of the Eugene Livestock Auction and one tossed him into the air.

An Oregon cattle rancher died after being tossed by a cow that became loose in the parking lot of the Eugene Livestock Auction. The Register-Guard reports that Mervin McCarl landed head-first on the pavement after being tossed into the air by one of the animals. The animal was one of three cows that got loose as they were being loaded into a truck about 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, says livestock auction owner Bruce Anderson.

While accidents will always happen and there’s no indication that poor animal handling was exercised in this tragic incident, it does underscore the importance and need of being aware and careful when working around livestock. Animal behaviorist and facilities designer Temple Grandin offers these pointers on working around animals. And, Nebraska DVM Dave Sjeklocha offers his thoughts on good animal handling tips here.