Cattle Rustling on the Rise in Oklahoma

Theft on the rise in Oklahoma as missing cattle numbers increase.

We're only halfway through the year, and USDA has already reported more than twice as many cattle have disappeared compared to last year, as thieves are cashing in on a hurd of money.

"It's relatively easy to steal cattle and horses and other stock. Just load them up in a trailer and take them down the road," said Jack Carson, Department of Agriculture Spokesperson.

Is it easy enough for thieves to cover their tracks?

"It's very easy to see when somebody brands over an existing brand. It sounds like it'd be easy in theory, but it's not. It stands out," said Carson.

Cattle is branded to identify its owner, and Carson said it's very important to show that. Branding-over, however, is a felony in the state.

"They need to be identifiable, because that makes it very easy, much more easy for our investigators to go and locate them," added Carson.

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