Four Activist Movements That Are Doomed To Fail

I've been accused of preaching a lot of doom and gloom lately.

I've been accused of preaching a lot of doom and gloom lately. Seems both Gene Hall and I have been detailing the negatives on how the climate changers, animal rightists, "industrial agriculture" critics, the anti-GMO crowd and others are adversely affecting agriculture.

Hope for agriculture, I’m here to tell you, is not lost. The bad news is these activist groups are strong, well funded, very vocal and successful in promoting their agenda. The good news is they're ultimately doomed to fail.

Here's why:

Animal rightists. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is unsurpassed in getting out its misguided messages that animal agriculture is cruel, victimizes animals to maximize profits and takes away the rights that animals should enjoy. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is an expert at exploiting puppies and kittens to raise funds to work toward their true agenda, veganism. Both are strong. Both will ultimately fail. Why? Americans like their meat. Consumers are starting to comprehend that PETA is little more than activism in a clown suit. HSUS funding will dry up when people see through the deceptive campaigns and realize their dollars aren’t helping homeless dogs and cats. Consumers will ultimately see through the smokescreens thrown out by PETA and HSUS and realize livestock that provide the meat they crave are well cared for. Agriculture will take lessons learned in Ohio, where HSUS was defeated, and apply them wherever modern agricultural production practices are attacked.

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