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Project Beef: Educational Web Program Today!

The first webcast in the series, "Genetic Defects-The Old, The New and The Misunderstood" will air today at 8:00 PM, Monday, February 16.

Sue DeNise, PhD, Vice President, Genomics Research and Development, MetaMorphix, Inc. (MMI), Davis, Calif., and Mark Gardiner, President, Gardiner Angus Ranch, Inc., Ashland, Kan. will join Dave Nichols, PhD, Kansas State University for this first in a series live web program designed to provide timely and factual information.

The first webcast in the series, "Genetic Defects-The Old, The New and The Misunderstood" will air at 8:00 PM, Monday, February 16. Anyone with Internet access can log on to to view the webcast. DeNise will address the science of defining genetic defects and the development of reliable tests. Gardiner will discuss the role and responsibility of seedstock and commercial beef producers in mitigating the impact of genetic defects in the beef cattle population. The program will include approximately one half hour of discussion. The remainder of the program will be reserved to respond to questions emailed from viewers. The webcast is free of charge.

For those unable to view the program live, a full-length video will be available at and or contact Brett Spader at Upcoming Project Beef programming will focus on feedlot management, determining end point targets in beef production, conservation, consumer demands for protein in the future as well as other timely industry issues. The programming audience will be strategically targeted depending upon the subject matter and range from beef industry issues to issues effecting our consumers such as health, safety and nutrition.