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BEEF Daily Summer Sweepstakes Winners!

Two weeks ago, I launched a new BEEF Daily Summer Sweepstakes that asked the question, What is the best cattle breed for today’s economic conditions? I received a lot of great responses and while many of you agreed that a crossbred was the ideal cow for today's economy, it didn't stop many of you from revealing your true breed loyalties. The following breeds were mentioned in this poll: Angus, Hereford, Limousin, Salers, Tarentaise, Texas Longhorn, Red Poll, Red Angus, Belgian Blue/Jerseys and more.

Isn't it interesting that we can be united on climate change bills, fighting animal rights activists, correcting media misconceptions and educating consumers in the name of increasing beef demand, yet, we all have different views on what the ideal cowherd looks like? Maybe that's a good thing. For every environment, location to markets and personal preferences, there is a perfect cow for anyone in beef cattle production. Having options to raise a product as we see fit is one of the many reasons it's still great to be a rancher in the United States. Thanks again to everyone that participated in the poll. Now onto the winners...

Congratulations to Bobby Orphey from New Mexico and Gabby Moore, DVM, from Missouri. Email me your mailing address at to receive your prize! (Selected using this Random Integer Widget)