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Cowherd Management, Pregnancy Exams, Selecting Cull Cows

Article-Cowherd Management, Pregnancy Exams, Selecting Cull Cows

fall-reggie.jpgWell, the rain has finally subsided, and the rare South Dakota sun has been gracing us with its presence, as of late. Finally, after postponing this event twice, we will be able to pregnancy-check the mama cows on Saturday. It's that time of year again to not only preg-check, but also identify cull cows based on performance, age, etc. Friday will be a jam-packed day of setting up the wheel corrals and working tubs for the big day. And, of course, it's my birthday, as well. I'll be spending my lovely Friday the 13th birthday out in the pastures with my cattle, and you know what? I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Because it's that time of year again, I thought I would round up some of the great resources available at BEEF Magazine for you to reference including articles on cattle fertility, cowherd management and making plans to shorten the calving season. As always, the writers and editors at this fine agriculture publication work incredibly hard to bring you the tools you need to succeed in this business.

Before we know it, winter is going to rear its ugly head and wipe away my favorite season of them all, fall. As we prepare to tackle the upcoming months, I want to know what you're interested in reading about. What beef industry topics are on your mind right now? Leave your suggestions and thoughts in the comments section. I appreciate your input!

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