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NEW Poll Asks How Your Forages Are Looking For Spring

Yesterday, we received a 6 in. of snow in a weird blizzard that was pocketed between very warm spring days here in South Dakota. I must say that while I’m a little annoyed that winter wants to stick around, I welcome the moisture as it’s been a very cold, dry winter for us so far.

The last real moisture we had was last fall, with 4 in. of rain falling the day after we weaned calves and put them in our feedlot. How’s that for good timing? Despite the mud that followed, I think that late fall rain will help tide us over as we move into the spring months. Looking ahead, I’m uncertain how our forage options are going to fare this spring and summer. It’s too early to tell for us.


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How about you? I know many areas are still struggling with drought, and my neighbors to the east (Minnesota and Wisconsin) have experienced the opposite, with plenty of snow to blanket those pastures and hay fields.

This week’s poll on the homepage asks, “What are your forage prospects for spring 2014?”

With 49 votes so far, 45% say things are not looking good at this point; 20% (myself included) say it’s too early to tell; 18% say forages are about average right now; and the remaining 16% are feeling optimistic and say things look great right now.

You can vote in the poll here, and be sure to leave an update with how moisture levels are in your neck of the woods.

One reader from central Texas writes, “We would take moisture in any form. We haven’t had any significant rain since November. It is trying to green up, but it can't do much without some soaking rain.”

Another reader from Nebraska adds, “We had a very dry winter here in northern Nebraska and we need a lot of moisture.”

Others have reported some winter kill and fire risks, while the lucky few have reported good snow cover and moisture in early March.

What about you? Where are you located, and how are things looking? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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