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Temple Grandin Movie Wins Big At Emmy Awards

300-danes-grandin.jpg The HBO movie Temple Grandin earned some well-deserved acclaim last night, winning seven Emmy awards and ranking second behind the World War II miniseries, The Pacific, in number of Emmy’s earned. The results were revealed last night on NBC during a live broadcast of the “62nd Primetime Emmy Awards.”

The made-for-television movie that debuted on HBO in February tells the story of the Colorado State University animal science professor's challenges in dealing with autism. She overcame those challenges to become one of the world's foremost experts on animal behavior, as well as a best-selling author and lecturer. Grandin was in attendance during the NBC event and took the stage during the awards program.

Here is a breakdown of the movie’s wins:

clairex-large.jpg For Outstanding Supporting Actress in a mini-series or movie, Julie Ormond, who played Eustacia, Temple's mom, took top honors. David Strathairn, who played Dr. Carlock in the HBO special, also earned the Outstanding Supporting Actor award. The beautiful Claire Danes, who played Grandin, won the coveted Outstanding Lead Actress honor. Director Mick Jackson was also recognized with the Emmy for Outstanding Directing.

Congratulations HBO and the crew for the movie Temple Grandin. The awards were well-deserved, and agriculture truly had a shining star in Hollywood last night! In case you missed it, here is what BEEF Daily readers had to say about the film. Did you watch the awards last night? Have you watched the movie yet?