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Top Ten U.S. Steakhouses

Every morning, I open my laptop and I start sorting through the day’s top news. Not only do I read what’s happening in the beef industry, but I also get the dish from consumers’ view, paying special attention to articles that pertain to food. On a single day, I can see all kinds of headlines relating to beef. It seems the agriculture industry is blamed for everything from epidemic obesity to greenhouse gasses. In an effort to “go green,” many consumers see eating meat as an outdated trend, something not eco-friendly enough to grace their dinner tables.

In fact, yesterday I even received this comment on my blog post about Proposition 2, "Factory farms who raise animals for food claim they are the good guys feeding the hungry people. But the fact is that animal agribusiness is devastating to our environment, public health, and animal welfare. If is also a fact that if we replaced animals raised for food with crops, we could feed every starving person on earth. Congrats to HSUS!"

To tell you the truth, sometimes I just get plum burnt out from these statements and my efforts to respond with commentary and letters to the editors. Sometimes I just want to turn my head and pretend I never saw anything worth correcting. Then, I feel guilty, and I respond, guiding the Internet readers to beef-friendly websites where they can learn more about the foods they eat. It only takes a few minutes to educate a consumer, and it's a practice everyone in the beef industry should pick up. We should never tire of correcting misguided media outlets and consumers, don't you agree?

However, it’s so refreshing to see a positive beef story in the media, and when I saw an article on MSN this week titled, “America’s Best Steak Houses—Top 10 Spots to Enjoy Classic Cuts,” it just made my day! Although we could all agree that the best steak house is our own homes. You know what I’m talking about—after a long day of working outside, there is nothing better than a grilled steak and a home cooked meal. However, once in a while, I find a steak house that is so phenomenal, I can’t help but wonder why anyone would choose to give it all up for vegetarianism.

This article is the perfect way to end the week as it details the top ten steak houses in the United States. Everything from grand pianos, to fine wines, to jazz concerts and funky restaurant décor, and the one thing they all have in common: great tasting beef!